Singlespeed project

For me, I think, that is best way to buy another frame with bigger dimension of rims, 28" perhap?Can you suggest me which dimension to choose??Which is the best for fixie?

I will leave this current combo on my daily bike and ride it everyday, commute with it becouse of bad road condition in my town, and I think it is the best solution to leave it like this with good tyres …

Second question is how can I make differences between frames, specificly this one from my current setup, is it from old MTB or???How can I know?

$349, hard to go wrong. Ride it into the ground, by which time you will know if you want to upgrade it.

Buy a new complete for cheap. But if you can’t or don’t want to, buy a frame that takes 700c wheels, has 120mm rear spacing, and has dropouts like those on the bottom right of the picture I put up the other day - ie rear facing horizontal. If the frame has those details it’ll be fine and easy to find parts for.

You can know your bike is an old MTB because it is 26", has 135mm spacing, and doesn’t have rear facing horizontal dropouts. It will also take fatter tyres (fixie frames generally don’t have much clearance) and the geometry will be slacker - ie it will have a longer wheelbase, and there will be larger gaps between the frame and wheels - see pics above of the fixie bikes that have been posted - not much gap, tighter - makes it more nimble. What brakes it takes is usually also an indication - whether V-brakes, a modern road brake caliper (most fixies), or the old bolt through like yours.

I think I will buy ready built up fixie…

But, about my current frame geometry is it possible to make it for traveling on bigger distances, becouse it is very comfortable and I want to do something with him after I buy fixie for everyday ride…something like gravel ccross bike hybrid, made for traveling long distances…is geometry of my frame ok with that idea?