Singlespeed project

Hello my friends, I just made my bike for commuting every day for 22kilometers…on flat surface, with few hilly areas, and I made it like SS with old steel frame, and 26" 1/75 tyre with torpedo brake and front brake…
It drives very well for my needs of daily commute.
Ratio is

My question is, if I want to make fixie, from current SS, is this frame good for it, and which wheelset do you reccomend to me?

I know that my tires are thick(26x1,75), but I’m afraid of driving on tight tires, because the terrain where I live and drive have a lot of tiny holes on the road and the sidewalk-pavements.

Whether I will get lighter acceleration and speed maintenance on narrow tires, and whether it will be significant compared to my current tires.

Thanks alot.

Sorry admins for double post but I have problems with uploading picture.

Don’t worry about the width of your tyres. We like fat tyres around here. Fat tyres are more comfortable, offer better grip and better braking performance. A thin tyre might feel a bit more agile, but that really depends on your frame - if it’s a 26" mountain bike frame then I wouldn’t put thin tyres on it. Thin tyres do make doing skids easier, because they offer worse grip and braking, but I wouldn’t let that affect your thinking.

Does the frame have horizontal dropouts (smiley faces below)? If so, good:

Does the rear hub/wheel take a fixed cog - ie, threading for a fixed cog and lockring? If so, good:

If you don’t have these let us know what you have. We might also need to know what the rear spacing is on your frame. Most fixed wheelsets fit 120mm spacing, but if your current wheels are 26" and not 700c it’s more likely your frame has 135mm rear spacing. In that case you will need a wheelset that is 26", 135mm spaced and with a fixed threaded hub. Might be hard to find.

Can you take a close up photo of the rear hub?

^ Sure.

damn pinzo, that’s a special looking bit of stuff there. my inner bianchisti just poked me with his boner.

About tyre dimension, I have question for you guys, what do you reccomend to me, which slick tyre 26" 1/75 is good to buy?
And about pedals…i want to buy new flat pedals, what do you suggest me, but still to be classic clean look?

I think 26" 1/75 is good option for city urban commute, becouse I think about 26" 1,50, but I thinke there is small difference.

And, if you have some suggestion, please tell me…

I like the Schwalbe Kojaks! Good value tyre. I run 26 x 1.33. they roll fast.

can you guys help me with last post

You will probably need a new rear hub (or wheel) because your one doesn’t look like it will take a fixed cog.

Because your wheels are 26" (and I also assume 135mm spaced) that makes it difficult. Not many 26" wheels available with a fixed hub. Probably you’ll have to get someone to build you the wheel with a 135mm fixed rear hub, and that will probably cost a bit.

In the end, with this bike, the cost and annoyance might not be worth it. If you really want to go fixed you might be better off getting a cheap fixie, which you could probably get for the price of building a 26" fixed wheel.

what diddy said.

buy a cheap fixie from somewhere (Cell bikes perhaps) and keep your current bike for when you wanna put fat tyres and canti brakes on it and ride it around in the mud (or just to the pub).