Size? Road v Track

Did a quick search (sorry if i missed it)

I’m watching a frame on ebay that ends shortly. Is it true that most people ride track frames/bikes that are one size down Vs their road bikes.

The one I’m watching is an XL 58cm c-c. I’m 6’5", and the seller reckons he’s the same and rode it fine.

Any quick comments would be appreciated, its looking cheap with 30mins to go!

some people like a slightly smaller track frame so they can use one frame for pursuits as well as mass start races

I like a smaller frame because feelsgoodman.jpg

Everyone is different. Worst case is buy it, it doesnt work, so flip it!

IMHO doesn’t seem big enough.

only thing that irked me when i was riding a smaller frame (54) for track was my saddle positioning. i ran a longer stem and more seatpost which was made it work, but compared to my 56 road frame with setback seatpost where the saddle is slung right back on the rails, i’d find myself tiring a lot quicker because i was seated more forward on the track. in saying that i had a 0 setback post which probably didnt help things.

Track Bike | eBay

this is what i’m looking at,

if it’s to get you out there, just do it…then you can be racing while you look for something more suited, if you indeed don’t fit it.

if it’s just to upgrade, i would let it pass.

Aaaah! Was hoping it would be unanimous (spelling?) What?!


F*ck it, i just got it! With a shed full of parts and wheels looks like I’m heading to Tempe on Monday!

I want to see this built, always liked the Koga track frames.

won’t take too long. By the weekend.

HAHAHAA! Nice one, from Mr Indecisive through to fuckitiboughtit in a couple minutes. Spose you wanna borrow my chain whip again? :wink:

Nope Sir, found one in the shed! (Imadickhead!)

Bargain. Nice work.

So Tempe on Monday? Have you joined DHBC?

Looks like the frame was a bit small for the previous owner, what with the massive stem and seatpost. I guess the only issues could be a) the saddle-bar-drop and b) your reach being a bit cramped, but it’s not like you’ll be on the bike for 4 hours at a time.