sizing estimates

I’d like some advice regarding frame sizing… yeah it’s a ridiculous thing to ask, but I am probably looking for some thoughts based on personal experiences etc.

Got a ladyfriend who I’d like to build up a bike for. She stands 160cm or 5’3".

so if you are this height or know someone who is, what size are they riding?

I’ll be looking for a frame too, probably road, of some description, soon enough, but the ad will be up once I get a better idea of size.




Or smaller if you can find it. I’m 5’5" and fit happily on a 50. My wife is 5’1" and has a 47cm, which is slightly too big. If you can get a 47 or 48cm you’d be golden. IMHO. Might be worth keeping an eye on ebay for 650c roadies, they come up now and then for a decent price.

Edit: something like this: Pretty small but you get the idea. They usually have shitty shifting setups too, perfect candidate for shimergo goodness.

from what i have seen the tt in these sizes are usually all 52cm as much smaller is hard with 700c,
So the st length just is about how easy it is to stand over and how much post is out.
the wifey is 155 and preffered a 47st but doesn’t mind her 49 as both have the same reach

Hahaha what’s a Brisbane thread without a few memes

awesome thanks