Skateboard/shop recommendation - Melbourne

So, my daughter is about to have her birthday and I’ve promised to get her her first board- I figure there are a few skateheads out there who might be able to point me in the right direction for good shops to check out as I don’t want to get her a crappy kmart/rebel sports number - we are heading out on Saturday to scope out options - I am looking for something reasonable for her but not ‘pro’ level - she’s 9 after all - if there’s change in the kitty I may pick up one myself.

I shouldn’t be as excited about this as I am.

At my age.

Any suggestions?

get longboard, there the new rage

longboards are the recumbent of skateboards,
i left skateboarding about 5 years ago but back the i used to buy the brand hardcore, no fancy prints on them just good value

Some good ones include Hemley skateboards on Brunswick street, Fast Times on Swanston and Street Machine on Smith street.

But for what it’s worth, when I started skating at around 9 I got my first complete skateboard from Rebel Sports (or the Ballarat equivalent), it was cheap and perfect for learning the basics.

But most importantly, don’t get a longboard.

Don’t buy your kid a long board.

If you’re in the CBD, Fast Times on Swanston Street is your best bet.
On the Chapel Street side of the world go to Street Machine. Go to Evolve if you want to pay too much for Nike SB’s.
If you’re on Brunswick Street, Hemleys will look after you.

Companies like Krooked and Real make reasonably priced completes in slightly smaller sizes than their ‘pro’ boards. I have never had anything to do with these completes, other than seeing them in shops, but they look legit so I’d have no problem buying one for a younger member of the family.
This was posted on the Fast Times Facebook a few weeks back.

To be fair, I’d go to your BIG NAME surf shop that’s in every Westfield or a like and buy a band name complete, Element, Powell, Plan B, Birdhouse, Enjoy, or even a Deca, These range from 99-249 but are great boards to start on, my parents bought my little cousin one, and he’s been carving on it for 3 years now he’s 14ish and just getting his first in parts “set up” now!

Or if you like shopping on the net, go to this shop FREE shipping in Australia, and pages and pages of brand name completes!

Thanks for the recommendations - I’ve cast my eye over the rebel sports ones in the past and they look functional enough but I’m not sure if they will fall apart etc - plus she’s about 4 ft nothing so I’m wondering if a scaled down deck might be the go. I think I’ve been to Hemley - upstairs with a whole lot of 80s reproduction boards if I recollect?

Is the shop in Chapel st - towards the Windsor end any good?

Excellent suggestions - many thanks.

Yeah, no longboards.

For either of us.

So, are wall rides still the shizz in 2011?

yep: remember that the skills you used to have are probably a bit rusty now. Last year a mate (mid 30s) decided to get a board again, got all excited, started shredding gutters etc and promptly broke his elbow his first time out.

I’ve already been well and truly warned.


After I ‘retired’ from skateboarding a few years back, I got a Goliath deck just for the odd roll around which was cheap but seems pretty tough (and I used to break a deck every few weeks.) It’s still going, and I was surprised to see them for sale a few weeks back. I’m sure one of the aformentioned retailers would stock them.

Moccos speaks the truth.

Hit that old skool surf/skate shop in the laneway between Bourke and Little Collins, just behind Swanston. I can’t remember the name but they’ve been there forever.

What he said - Melbourne Skate Centre I think (they’re on the ground floor of my building and I buy stuff from them occasionally so I probably should know). Out the back of the Tivoli arcade, under RMIT Business at 239 Bourke St. They’re closing the shop eventually and running everything out so there are some decent bargains there.

I’d suggest steer clear of the rebel/kmart options. Mrs Commuter bought one for our son from rebel, deck was ok but trucks/wheels/bushings were all crap - new wheels and bushings were required* to make it fun for him.

*at a combined cost of more than the original complete

My wife bought our niece a complete Enjoi from Boardshop. Came in a few days, and it was free postage. I got to choose it and then build it up, which was pretty fun.

But if you want to see it in the flesh, as mentioned here, getting a complete “name-brand” from a surf shop or skate shop would be your best bet. I vote Krooked because of Mark Gonzales, real because of Dennis Busenitz, or Enjoi because of Jerry Hsu and Cairo Foster.

Also, I have seen SO FUCKING MANY longboards lately. but kids just walking them, not riding them. What’s the NJS walking equivalent of walking a longboard?

On that note, I really want a Krooked (or similar) cruiser set up.

I have bought heaps of stuff from boardshop and they are very helpful. One thing that I would recommend is getting something with bigger wheels than the norm. This way your daughter won’t hook up on any pebbles, cracks and lines in the concrete and eat it… which is pretty common at low speeds. I would also look at loosening the trucks a bit too as I doubt she will have the weight / strength to turn it if they are pretty tight.

i highly recommend hemely on brunswick street, really nice guys there and wont rip you off.
i am personally not a fan of fasttimes on swanston but they are in the city and convenient if your there.

I bought a Devo themed skateboard without realising a few years ago. I was so horrified when i saw the design, i covered it in Kreator stickers. I suck at skating.

  • lots

also + lots for fast times. owned and run by skaters who put a lot back into skating

Nah spending your weekends wearing pastel everything and skating a longboard mongo on the footpath is sick, that’s how i spend my weekends now.