Skean tube protector

saw this on some blogs today, looks handy, no idea where to find it though

For those that are curious on what it does, it eliminates shock and wraps around the frames top tube that also protects against damage, just in case your handlebar and frame have an abrupt meeting

For real? How does this thing eliminate shock?

Old tube + electrical tape = same thing (for almost free).


Cut up Coke can + electrical tape = same thing (for almost free).

i’d never put that on my bike, it’s revolting

well that’s just not “designer” then is it?

(I have a cut up beercan + sparky tape, perhaps I should upgrade the bit of can to an imported beer… )

Make it a Sapporo, Kirin or Asahi can for the NJS vibe. :wink:

I think it eliminates shock in that when your bike is carrying a high charge of static electricity or is leaning against a live wire if you grab it by that bit you’ll be safe.

It looks like an NJS cock ring.

Post of the day!

If you want designer…

Me - I have electrical tape :smiley: