Skewers or Nuts?

This most likley has been covered but i run nuts on my bike and i thought that would be the logical choice but i read on sheldon browns website that that doesn’t have to be the way. he says you can sucessfully run either, as long as they are enclosed cam skewers.

what’s peoples thoughts on this here? now on any normal day i’m not going to get a puncture but as i commute now i have to carry a spanner in my tool kit in the even that i do get a punture.

Good quality skewers are OK. Personally, I would use a chain tug in combination with a skewer for extra security. Like you, I don’t like carrying extra tools. My current hubs use allen key bolts so I don’t have that issue anymore.

Just carry a patch kit instead of a tube and a spanner.

WTK, I thought about getting some of those allen key bolts for my roadie, to replace the qr’s. They’re good eh?

still gotta take the tyre and wheel off though right?

You can leave the wheel in and just pull the tube out from one side. Helpful if you know where the hole is, and useless if you have an unpatchable flat.

You can also carry a stubby 15mm spanner or cut down a normal one. It’ll fit in a seatbag easily.

Nexus: I think Des is referring to Phil hubs with allen bolts. I have some allen key QRs and some 5 sided allen key ‘security’ QRs. I used the allen ones on my road bike for a while, didn’t have any problems with them.

No… :? You can still fix a flat with the wheel on.

Thanks for the info Blakey. :slight_smile:

well there you go you learn something new everytime. :slight_smile:

of course it helps if you have a nail hanging out of it to know where the hole is.

Nexus, Blakey is right. I have Phil hubs which use allen key bolts and I was not referring to the allen key style skewer which you can use in place of a quick release skewer. I do use an allen key style skewer though and find that you can torque it more than a typical modern quick release skewer. They work well.


Thanks. I did actually mean ‘skewers’, not ‘bolts’.
Thanks for the info too Des.

$20 in my handlebars works for flats for me… no more tools. just carry the lock around. :sunglasses: