Skid Machine ??? What next

Just saw this on a blog

Actually, I don’t think it would work when skidding.


Just a pic of Tumblr

Just found this

and this

And this


I laughed when I read that its a protest tool that can be used to stick it to the man.

When in reality you will look like some prick on a bike with a big pink scribble coming out the back.

Yeah won’t work when skidding but could substitute the chalk for grease to get maximum skids? This is a joke by the way, no need to correct me that it won’t work with grease.

I posted this on my terrible blog about a week ago.
I want one.
With pink chalk.

Also it is not for skidding.

Recycled HDPE Housing

So PC it’s cringe worthy.
Perhaps they could have a cable operated engagement feature.

Haha I ment it looks like your leaving fluro skid marks…

you need to copyright that idea horatio.

reminds of those scooters with the chalk on the back so you can
“Graffitti up your hood”


As an aside that ginger bearded hipster at the back has the ugliest stem/bar combo I’ve seen on that fugly orange thing.

This is the sickest idea ever.
Hope all the good alley caters get them and i will never get lost again.

how’s the dickhead at the front with the helmet strapped to his bag?

maybe his mates can ride around his carcass to make the outline of the body when he gets nailed by a car sans helmet?

Pffft… already been done.

dude. hooked on your blog.
too much in common…
update it more…


You Want more male models or more plump girls?

In Ultegra, grey and connectable to your Di2 battery unit.

More Harley.

This trail machine is a good idea. Roll to the pub, get full, follow the pink line home and hope nobody else had the same idea. Although that could get interesting.