skiddin' for jebus...

Fixed Gear Missionaries

“so yeah, i see you have lots of bikes. you like having lots of the same thing AND a place in heaven? well brother joseph had lots of wives, which are sorta like bikes when you think about it. come with us and you can have lots of bikes AND wives”

Thought it was a joke when i saw it on BSNYC

I thought that ‘skiddin’ for jeebus’ was a new alleycat. I started imagining what the poster would look like…

“It’s not about fixed-gear elitism. It’s about yet another sleazy marketing gimmick perpetrated by organized religion.”

werd brother

Absolutely. Same league as Industrie’s fixed gear cash grab.

taking the piss out of xtians is like shooting fish in a barrel and is so fucking played out.

Yeah but socially more acceptable than winding up people of the Jewish faith, far less dangerous than pissing off Muslims, and Buddhists are just too nice/don’t bite. I don’t know enough Zoroastrians to make it worthwhile, Rastafarians are too tempting to engage, I get Sikhs and Hindu’s mixed up, what would breakfast be without 7th Day Adventists, and at least Mormons think outside the box (actually, they don’t do they?).

So, I’ll always have a dig at Christians. Besides they promise a lot, deliver little and have taken up enough of my time for me to not ignore the adage “chickens come home to roost”.

sorry, won’t be played out until there is a total separation of church and state, 'til theology and theocracy play no part in politics & law and we live in a truly secular society.

Yeah, but on the plus side we have extra public holidays and have you ever been with a church girl ? They go off :wink: