Lets share the knowledge on skids…I have developed an technique called ABS…where I do a series of small skids in succesion, and believe it stops me quicker.

Anyone care to disagree, or share there technique to stop quickly?

Many small skid stop man on fixie very quickly.

Big skid, also stop quick, but not as quick as many small.

skid while sending back wheel sideways stop fixie even more quickly!!!

ABS is also called ‘skip stop’-ing, for all those who are about to google (we salute you).

I usually grab something stationary when stopping if in toestraps.

Who can no-hand-skid? Who can skid the furtherest?

im all for a good skip-stop. in a couple of scary instances involving cars literally doing u-turns without indicators from car parks, i have managed to just completely lockup in whatever position i’m currently in. it’s one of those things i couldnt do without there being a severe emergency.

a nice long controlled skid into a set of lights is nice too. i dont think the gatorskin appreciates it, but i do.

i should have going away skids as opposed to going away drinks :wink:

next week on a thursday night anyone, melbourne cbd ?


The things you learn in times of duress.

Well, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Thursday somewhere in the CBD sounds good to me.

As a gesture to your departure, i will drink beer and attempt backwards circles in my shed next thurday night…


i’ll do the same and think nice thoughts about you rhino



You have a shed? Drooool.

Then again, it’s my lack of a shed that keeps me from spending more money on bikes than I alrady do.

How do you say…DOUBLE LOCK UP GARAGE…connected to the house, with all the bikes hanging up on the wall.


Your producing an awful lot of jealousy in your old stamping ground!!!

I hope you don’t keep cars in that double lock up!!

I only have a SLUG but there are around 20 bikes in there. I love it.

  • Joel

I think I was the LAST kid in London to learn how to skid… Or maybe it was the goofy geometry of the track bike at the time. I got teased at work :frowning: by fellow Aussies of all people.

Skipping doesnt help much because you’re wheel is bouncing on the tarmac and not gripping.

QUICKEST way to stop is the ‘snow plough’ (skip and whip it sideways REALLY quick) - or the ‘kneebuster’ which is basically SLAMMING the bike into a skid when seated and you’ll go through the tyre almost immediately.

Longest skid? I came third at the worlds in Edmonton, but got SMOKED at the North American Champs by a girl who came in 2nd by a foot. 300+ feet. Gandi (NYC) holds the Guiness World Record (indeed) but someone unofficially broke it again at the Champs in NYC.

No hands - Did I hear ‘dental coverage’?

i think the current record is 568 feet from the '05 CMWC. there’s going to be a real effort to break it this year tho.