Sky High

hey, guys new to the forums have been reading a little over the past few months, finally pulled my finger out and bought a fixie. I was planning on building my own but decided i didnt have the time to so i bought the second best.

can anyone comments would be welcomed

If anyone could tell me what type of frame it is or what year it was from roughly this would be much appreciated, also do you think i could get straps for those pedals.

just edited images so you didn’t have to click link.

You should probably get some kind of foot retention, especially without brakes. So straps and clips are a good idea.

It looks like an old path racer, so could be 40+ years old. Ornate lugwork like that suggests this too. Super Elliott are known for this, but I’d have no idea if yours is that too.

yea should be getting straps this w/e and probably a front brake till i learn to slide.
think about getting round bars what your thoughts should i keep it flat or go round?

Ride It!!!

See what works, change what doesn’t, the only opinion that matters is yours.

and we don’t know what ‘round’ bars are.

Super Elliott would have an E on the head tube.

Your bars are a personal preferance based on comfort. I have risers set up on one stem and drop bars set up on another stem. You can swapsies between the two whenever you want, easy.

Drop bars???

I guess.

yea drop bars sorry i just gotten into it, i have been riding mtb for a few years and a little bmx. yea i think ill keep the bars i got…

regards angus