Slot cars ??

Well I searched up a number of permutations and hit nuttin major.
So here goes a new thread…Anyone here into slot car racing?
I took my 9 and 11 year old to a local slot car place this arvo, and they had a ball.
$8 per person unlimited track time(5 tracks) plus 5 bucks(hire) per car.
I’m scouring ebay and the net now on a search for 3 entry level cars so me and the boys can hit the track again soon.
Any one else here into this shit?
I gotta say at age 41 having a couple of boys is giving me a new lease on life and opening up whole new range of cool shit to explore under the umbrella of quality family time!

I used to go to a place in Narre, which then moved to Dandenong, near the salvo’s place. It was pretty awesome, but I think RC drift is more my thing.

Go hire Spotswood. It’s got Anthony Hopkins and a pretty good cast of Aussie heroes like Ben Mendelsohn and Toni Collette in it. It’s also got Russell Crowe. Big focus throughout the movie on slot cars.

Where? Did you hit that bunker next door to/at north adelaide oval?

the one in the movie “spotswood”, is actually located in Williamstown. It used to be on Douglas Pde, it’s moved twice since then.


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