Slow Saturday's

So this is a group ride running from Gear at 6am
This is for those looking at
Coming back from injuries, Lazy spells, Family Life, or just starting out and looking for a group ride.
No cracking pace just a river loop or a bit more if your looking for it.
Open invite roadies or fixed.
Wear a helmet

See you in the morning peeps.

Family life… keen. I’ve had a devastating run of flats this week and am out of tubes and patches as of this afternoon, would it fare to assume that some one will be carrying a spare tube just incase?

^ buy some from gear at 6am if it opens p?!

Maybe not this wk, but next wk I’m good. Been away for work since Sunday, will be on the road later tomorrow 8-9 maybe.

Yeah id say that a few guys would have a tube spare,
Not sure if Eric will have his shop keys on him.

Also keen - hope there’s another on one next Sat…

sounds alright. might have to buy some lycra and a sweatband. and some walkman batteries

Haha there was a couple of t shirt clad in the crew,
It will be on again this sat.
Thanks for coming along guys like I said glen is just cruising and there’s a few guys happy to go faster so all speeds welcome.
I’m happy to cruise for a few weeks.

Booked, be there next saturday.

keen for this ^^^^ see you on saturday!

So I’m up the coast this weekend but I know a few others were still keen to ride.

So who is keen for a ride tomorrow? Pending weather I’ll be out early.

I’m in for tomorrow. Is it 6am at Gear?

Should be down for this. The 180km ride sounds a bit far for a holiday spin when I don’t know terrain/riders.

anyone mad enough to go out on sat morning?
was pissing down out here

oh. i just read dj glad rappa’s ride report. call me cotton wool.

Ha, I woke up and checked outside… No chance, back to sleep.

Ditto. 5am check - cold, pissing down. I felt bad when I woke up later that morning. For about 10 seconds.

Any one riding in the morning might head up cootha ive never been.

I’ll be out but not ready to hit cootha just yet. Probably early/mid morning. Want to get back to gear around lunchtime to get my new bike built! Happy Days