Small CX bike

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" I have literally never had a flat", love that phase.

Very relevant in determining the quality of a used bicycle… apparently.

It matters a lot for some. Mrs Spirito knows how to fix flats but it’s a stuggle for her as she’s not very strong and gets caked in grease if it’s a rear flat. We’ve practiced plenty and it was my suggestion for her to not bother and carry a $10 note for a taxi fare in the event that she flats. It’s not a common thing, she diligently checks her tyre pressure before each ride and wipes down the tyres after each ride.

Once or twice a year she flats and catches a cab home. The last occasion she changed her tube and got rolling once she was home. By her own admission she’d rather not have to fix a flat whilst on the road and I understand the basis of her decision.

The comment above was pertaining to Armadillo’s which I’ve ridden on. Great for puncture resistance, appalling tyre to ride. They feel dead, wooden and vague … the worst tyre I’ve ridden. Then again I hate Gatorskin’s too.

For someone who just likes to ride and doesn’t care to become an amateur bike mechanic I can see why tyres that don’t flat are a selling point and worth mentioning.