Small Kenevans Track

Ken Evans Track, Suntour Superb Pro, Cinelli, Campagnolo, Fixed


was this not on gumtree perth early last year??

That’s what I was thinking gypsy,

Was a complete for $400 I think?

Amazing frame though.

I think you’re right. Bought by user Hide. Sold him a chain and some tyres and gave him a lesson in fitting a chain. Nice bloke!

Bike is reeeeeaaaaalll nice in the flesh.

By the looks of the photo he might need another lesson. So wish this was my size.

Anyone in FOA that knows anybody (smallish people) that wants the Ken could hit me up and we can discuss further.

Andy, still many thanks for your help, no problemo with fitting the chain now with the quick links, just took them off for some wheel swappage

hey Hide.

I’ve PM’d you.



Fuck yeah!

no fuck yeah’s yet, erle.