Small road bike SLX with Record

I’d just like to say thanks to Erle’s searching, I’d like to bid on this for my girl:

eBay Australia: Buy new & used fashion, electronics & home d

So if it’s okay please don’t bid! :smiley:
Also anyone in Canberra want to post it for me? I don’t want the groupset.


Edit: Bid away, I’m not buying it.

She might like to keep the groupset.

Sweet as, nice find! Ah not sure of the name on here but he is on this forum. Google Callahan bicycles. He should be able to help you out, if these guys will deliver it to him in garran

You crazy. Clean that up, resell it and get all your money back.

I’d be very interested in the groupset if you win it.

No totally, I just meant I’ll sell the group set. Perhaps to j k l p.
Shouldn’t get too ahead of myself as it will probably go beyond my budget!

Gotta keep that sexy seatpost though.

smells like brifters?

Perhaps… :smiley:

Rusty old Campagnolo, no thanks!

I’ll sell it to some hipster, they love ‘fluted’

man, this would’ve resulted in a bidding war if this was the kinda thing my other half could commute on…

hey erle, you wanna find me something equally nice, but with rack mounts etc? laura wants to commute/tour on something better than her shitty hybrid, and you are the god of ebay! i’ll buy you a coffee… :wink:

Here’s a sweet tourer that would be a super sweet commuter: Gemini Rando

yeah DICE sent me that the other day. think it’d be too big, she’s 167cm. ideally something will pop up in melbourne and we can check it out first…

thanks though :slight_smile:

HoBu, if you win it, I can get it to you, no sweat :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps JP!

Shit the TT is 53cm… I can’t buy this frame :frowning:

Feel free to bid peeps

Realistically how much do you guys see this selling for? Or how much would your max bid be?

tree fiddy

^ It would be an absolute steal at that

1 dollar more than horatios.