Small Yamaguchi aero track in Melb

Yamaguchi Aero track 53.5cm Complete - Dura-ace, Phil Wood | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Melbourne City - Melbourne CBD | 1055078917

bloody cats…

paging FOA’s scrap team, who wants what?

just wow.

I would be keen on the frame!! So nice

If someone would be wiling to pick this up and pack it for shipping I have a buyer. It’ll be his first track bike, he’s a fellow rider at DHBC & he’s been riding the loaner club bikes whilst we’ve been on the lookout.

I just brought it to his attention tonight … he’s gonna get in touch and see if it’s still available.

PM me if you can help :wink:

i can help you out, its a mate of mine, though I’d day he’s be happy to ship, lettuce know if you need a hand.

Also happy to help Ben

Thanks guys … just waiting on my clubmate to get back to me & see if he’s made contact.

bugger … looks like it’s sold (not to my mate).

This was a catch and a half !! Hope it gets ridden lots.

Spent all day with the seller okay for $1100 pick up last night, knowing someone would want the frame (i needed all the parts) AgainstMitch I tried Nick to see if you were still looking for one cos it’s your size but he said you already had a Perko, and then I got a tummy bug and had to go home…and dropped the ball, knew it would sell in a day! damn!

dw it’s in good hands now!

i might sell some parts so let me know what you need