So APPLES its not funny

What the fuck is going on with these forks?

Springer forks. Old suspension forks that were originally made for Cruisers and Lowriders.

steampunk yo!
y’all can tell it’s the shizzle-hizzle by liberal use of z instead of s

“Completely transform your fixie into your own personality. Customize it to fit your unique style. There is a style here for everyone.”

c’mon shortsie, i’m sure there’s one there for you, you’d look smart with a nice argyle print one

Man I hate that word. Can we do a word-swap for this please mods?

At least I now know where to go for my “Local scene cool news”

This is the tastiest of wraps available.

brilliant, now i can swallow my fixie along with my dignity!

You can’t hate a word that refers to an actual genre. That’s just not fair.

Sorry the word bugs me, dunno why…

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: