So I needed some 80/90's (semi)radness..

So with 3 current fixies in my stable & the recent theft of my gorgeuos 70’s step thru & then 3 days later the vandalism of my dutch bike (i know they’re ugly, but did you really have to kick the shit out of it you uneducated f#@k(s)??) … thus I thought it was time for something a little different & less "theftable"or “vandalisable” so did some ebaying last weekend…

I won this ridiculous ole skool sweetness for 10 bucks on ebay… all original parts … all it needed was some chain lube & a new inner tube (& a drive out to the burbs to pick it up)… So much fun to ride

While out in the burbs, I saw this sitting in the original BMX owners shed, it had no front wheel though & a bunch of touring crap all over it… a cash offer, an (ebayed) set of 27" rims/gumwalls & a spare saddle later & she was all good to go … the running gear is suntour/shimano combo & in great condition, she rides as smooth as butter … just needs a front brake caliper & some white grip tape to dot the i’s & cross the t’s, then shes done

Only downside is its too small for me, I normally run 57/58’s & this is a 53 … probably should have measured first

Love the rad bmx dude, get some yellow tuff’s for it maybe?

Yep, definitely needs some yellow tuffs, I also want to get a set of old skool vinyl covered pads for the handlebars, top tube & stem. And maybe for real ole skool authenticity a bmx number plate for the handlebars.

Though I’m not sure that I’m actually licensed for that amount of radness

don’t worry, the gods permit anyone to be rad with an oldschool bmx.

Here’s some links dude.
Colored Tuffs / PlanetBMX - 20" YELLOW Limited Edition SKYWAY TUFF 2 wheel set (Powered by CubeCart)
Colored Tuffs / PlanetBMX - T.H.E. Supermoto Pro numberplate (Powered by CubeCart)
AlansBMX Order Hotline: 01942 826598, BMX Skateboards Race Oldschool
AlansBMX Order Hotline: 01942 826598, BMX Skateboards Race Oldschool

And to top it off, the sammy hagar’s.
AlansBMX Order Hotline: 01942 826598, BMX Skateboards Race Oldschool

The chubby kid over the road from me had one of those BMX’s when we were kids. We thought it was great when it folded in half when he rode it off a gutter.

That bike is still the best $10 you ever spent.