So I was burning a bunch of my old stuff

the same difference between someone who fucks men and someone who is gay. ie, only the name.

but i do love it when folks talk about sXers “proclaiming it to the world”. they’re usually the same folks who spend a lot of time proclaiming to the world just how rad it is to get drunk and fall over. someone going on and on and on about sXe is the same as someone going on and on and on about how wasted they got on the weekend. both advertise a lifestyle choice. you only refer to one as “proclaiming” when you disagree with it, and you do it as a way of belittling that choice.

see also “preachy” vegans, “over the top” queers, or “uppity” black folks.

No, they’re just wanna be Muslims.

see also mods making Jew jokes while condeming sexism.

i think if you read closer - or maybe read at all - we were making jokes at the expense of rightwing conspiracy theorists who use Jewish people as their scapegoats. if you think there was any actual anti-semitic sentiment there, feel free to PM me with the link and i’ll delete it.

is today outraged doofus day or something?

it’s a fine line between lambasting the stereotypes and just repeating them, rereading your comment now it is less incongruous than I thought it was
last night.

see, that looks like an apology, but it’s missing an important word. starts with S, ends in Y…

well aren’t those edgers cranky, they should have a beer and chill out.

Apologies for overacting to your comment of yesterday.

you’re getting closer! but you know, the word itself is important…

Hey Dylan, quit smoking, so your kids don’t have to watch you die of cancer… It sucks.

such a teacher.

SORRY Mr Brendan…

I’m impressed. By this point my students have usually told me to get fucked.

What about bisexuals? People have been banned for less.

omg lolz, whenever someone brings that out i lose my shit.

This thread started off with love, and then got filled with hate.


Probably my fault. I apologize for everything and everyone. Soz …

Old fucking sad bunch of freaks on this forum.
What happened to you all? Enforce your lifestyle choices on me, please, it’ll make me feel great about myself.

I’ve seen family die of emphysema and cancer, lose their minds from drug related issues, cut eachother up, and I think I might get on here and chew the proverbial fat with some people who like bikes.

Hateful fucking dicks. I’ll quit when I can, not during times of fucking stress and shit.


Am i right?

Let’s get things back on track >> Here’s a pic of me (on my first fixie) and Eddy. See the similarity?

Nah fuck it the thread’s gone. Too much fuckin badness.
Sorry to cause badness to you all.