So I was burning a bunch of my old stuff

And I came across some of the bits of paper you get at alleycats, and it’s one from my first one.
And it reminded me.
I love you guys. Bike people are the best people, and out of everyone ive met on this forum, you all rock. I don’t know if I’ve met anyone I don’t like,
So I’m gonna keep burning things.
But I’ll think happily of you guys while listening to Get Darker! And drinking this terrible tasmanian been.
I love you guys

Also if anyone is near Narre and has $13 to Len me for some John player specials tha; be cool, I can’t afford to smoke this week an is killing me

I’m assuming you meant “beer”

Which one is it Dylan, most are pretty good.

I gave up smoking not because it was bad for my health but because the government is taking the piss by taxing the bejeezus out of cigarette’s, preying on people’s addictions and knowing that it’s mostly poor people who are hooked on ciggies. Fvcking Cvnts the Governement and their idea of dissuasion, that actualls stacks billions of $'s into their coffers. Rich people mostly don’t smoke, poor and working class people (and young) do, and get stripped of bucks they can’t really afford.

Give it up man, Govt is taking 75% of the finds you pay for ciggies and don;t give a fuck about you. To make it worse when you give up, medicare doesn’t pay for niccarette or patches or anything. You’re on your own.

That, and when you are older your erection won’t be what you would hope for.

Spend your money on useful drugs :wink:

Love you !!

Spirito why I’s I’d so har though?!?!
Lol I just wish smoking was cheaper and Not so bad for me, hmmmm it is so delicious, but for $38 a tin of garam gudan’s, I might as well smoke cock and get paid for it.
Then k could afford some rhinoplasty yo

Also listening to 3OH3! ATM. Loooool

And James boags
Drank It while unemployed and 18

Fuck your a funny prick!!!

One day they will publish a book called ‘things Dylan would say’


Looool hoops I just re read that
I sound ‘full retard’

Quote drm some shitty moveie
I’d never call someone retarded

Hey spizzy call me as soon as you seen this
9481-one one one one

Dylan … It’s 6.16am now. Not sure that you’d even answer my call or that it’s a good idea. Pre-ride phone sex isn’t usually my thing but I’m sure Kanye will prolly call you pretending to be me, just go along with it till he’s finished (won’t take long).

Anyway, the pic below is where I’m guessing you’re at right now. If so … I’m proud and have been there, done that, and one day will join you :wink:

Dude at 6:15am I was at 7/11 buying some sesame snaps, I totes would’ve answered!

Think of it as pre paying for future medical expenses. And it is a GREAT deal.

This shit just made my morning awesome!!

Multinational, tobacco companies openly profiting from giving people cancer prompted me to give up.
I don’t mind taxes on it cos it costs a lot to look after a terminal lung cancer patient.

Dylan, give up dude!

I quit because it made me feel like crap.

I don’t buy it. They know people are addicted and they also know the price has little to do with people giving up. It’s easy to see that people who can most afford heavily taxed cigarette’s are the least likely to smoke. Head out west, or any centrelink or factory, or hang with migrants and you’ll find smokers everywhere.

If the government were earnest about addressing the issue and decreasing the cost of smoking to society they would do more than just tax the product.

Total expenditure, on anti-smoking education in Australia decreased from around $13.2m in 1989/90 to only $8.4m in 1995/96, and less than $8m in 1996/7. In constant (1989/90) dollars, per capita expenditure fell from 77c in 1989/90 to 40c in 1995/6.

A Commonwealth Report on the costs of drug abuse shows that tobacco represents 67% of the total costs of drug abuse, yet federal funding for drug control directs a mere 6% of funds to anti-smoking controls. Illicit drug strategies receive 94% of federal drug control funds (for the period 1997/8 – 2001/2).

Collins & Lapsley, 1992; Federal Budget papers May 1998.

Governments currently collect over $4.5 billion in revenue from smokers each year, yet they spend less than $8 million on anti-smoking education.

The amount the Federal government has committed to anti-smoking education up to 2002 represents less than 7% of the total revenue the government is likely to receive from illegal supply of tobacco to children.

It’s so hard to quit when you don’t want to though.
Pack a day keeps the blubber at bay!
Seriously though last night I found $13, the lady at 7/11 let me have some b&h smooths for that so long as I pay her back tomorrow, I’m not eating today cos I’d rather be smoking.

staying off the energy drinks does too :smiley:

So does a little bit of raw chicken.

Fuck me, you are a dumb mother fucker.

I watched my granddad die of emphysema. I’ve never smoked.

I say ban it. Just straight out.

There’s some newer lit on price elasticity of demand for smokes that finds that PED is a lot higher for young folks than committed smokers (ie young folks’ demand is more sensitive to price) . Means that taxing the shit out of it is becoming an effective deterrent for kids but not for “committed smokers”.

BUT there’s some evidence coming out of the UK treasury that (just quietly) they now think they might have gone “too far” with so-called “vice taxes”…they’ve taxed booze and cigs out of reach of most punters, the punters have stopped consuming 'cos they can’t afford it, the tax income has dried up…facing fiscal funding problems…etc etc…

In any case Dyl son, if you want to be riding your bike when you’re my age, snap the fuck out of your suburban ennui, flush the cigs down the dunny, drink some water and go for a ride in the sunshine.

Right, so we’ll just ban smoking outright then. And then we’ll ban drinking. (And then hopefully we’ll be able to ban cars from within 10kms of the CBD). See where this is heading? Even non smokers would campaign against the governments intrusion on free will.

Have read similar reports echoing CCs point. The price is a material deterrent to the kids. Think of the children, the rest of us are all fucked anyway.

The problem with governments not doing more to prevent smoking (and most things we criticise the current governement for, whoever they/whenever that may be) is that of a long term payoff and short term tenure. Banning cigarettes WILL result in lower taxes for all Australians in the future, the present value of this IS greater than the immediate impact on the budget.

But what happens? Well, the current leaders will not be in power when the payoff is realised, so they don’t enact it.