so i was looking for "superbe pro"

Superbe Rosebud anal taille L Cristal , Neuf plug bijou Rare VENDEUR PRO ZPO11-C | eBay

NSF rolly’s (and maybe others’) W

Wonder if they make it in carbon?

maaaaaaaaaaan, you gotta NSFW that shit!!!

I think it’s funny that he didn’t.

Custom made?

‘VERY easy to install’…

16 sold already, get onto it munga!

Oddly enough, whenever I search for butt plugs I end up finding bicycle parts.

Can someone edumacate me about these things? What is it your trying to plug? Aren’t there adult nappy’s for that? Or is it just form kick’s (like nipple rings).

Sexual pleasure. You plug your anus.

At the risk of sound old and out of touch: Tears to my eyes ≠ sexual pleasure.