So I'm touring this band from Italy...

…and thought some of you may be interested. If it’s not your thing there’s plenty of threads featuring n00bs with no foot retention or girls only bike rides that you can go post in, so don’t let this bother you.


Saturday Oct 31 – Sydney, Hellen Rose (corner Kippax st, Surrey Hills)
w/ Crux, Holy Samolly (Melb), When Chimps Attack, Independent Thought Alarm
7pm - $10 – all ages

Sunday Nov 1 – Newcastle, Croatian Club (Albert st, Wickham)
w/ Holy Samolly + The Thaw + Alps of NSW
6pm - $10 – 18+?

Tuesday Nov 3 – Brisbane, Legions Hall (Church st, Fortitude Valley)
w/ Teargas, To The North (12” launch), Loomer
6.30pm - $10 – all ages

Wednsday Nov 4 – Brisbane, House Show (Campbell Terrace, Bowel Hills)
w/ Quiet Steps, Muir, Birth of Bison
6.30pm - $10 – all ages

Thursday Nov 5 – Sydney, Jura Books (440 Parramatta Rd, Petersham)
w/ Bare Arms, Thinking, Stalker
7pm - $10 – all ages

Friday Nov 6 – Melbourne, The Birmingham (corner Smith / Johnson, Fitzroy)
w/ Breaker Morant, Bowels, In Tongues
8.30pm - $10 – 18+

Saturday Nov 7 – Melbourne, Loophole (new location: corner Normanby / High st, Thornbury)
w/ Circuits, Truth From Facts, Holy Samolly, Alexandria
7pm - $10 – all ages

Sunday Nov 8 – Melbourne, El Joyero (923 High st, Thornbury – opposite old Loophole)
w/ Cult Minds, Baryshnikov, Yeah Right
3pm vegan BBQ - $10 – all ages

rad, and at long last I might get to finally see BOWELS!

i had la quiete recommended to me by a random staffer at missing link, trying not to put the kiss of death on it but fuck yeah. def. checking it out.

not rly my thing or whatever, but the last time they toured here they put on a pretty good show… recommended you at least check em out etc

No Adelaide show?

I missed them last time they were here.

i heard teargas dropped out of the brissy show. true or false?

not worth it IMHO, the bass player and drummer secretly ride fixies without foot retention :smiley: (ok, they are pretty good…)

Holy samolly on the other hand… well they only way they’ll get any better is if sam finally agrees to play with sunglasses on (shirt unbuttoned wasnt enough).

la quiete are fucking rad, so good last time they were here, strongly recommend attendance!

Starts next week!

what sort of music is it, and what do you do for them sam? some sort of production i guess?

They are a punk band, for lack of a better description. I have booked and promoted this tour. They’re a pretty amazing live band and their shows are really fun.

You can listen here if interested! La Quiete | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos


looking forward to it!

Tour starts this Saturday!

Tour’s been really fun. Second Brisbane show tonight, then in Sydney again tomorrow night, then finally Melbourne all weekend.

If anyone in Melbourne has a ~54cm~ track bike they wouldn’t mind lending for a few hours Fulvio (the singer) would really like to have a ride while he’s here… all my friends are tall or really short.

I listened to these guys years ago and was disappointed I missed the Adelaide show. It sucks no one is bringing them over again.

Yeah we wanted to do Adelaide again but there wasn’t enough time on this tour. If only Adelaide was on the way to another city. :confused:

Perth does not count.

birmy show in melbourne was great!!

except for the security who kept telling us shorties to get down off the couches