So many activities

So bit random but there’s so many activities other than cycling in bris
I used to be a golf addict and am keen to go for some rounds soon any one keen for a foa golf catch up one day soon? Then I’m also keen to give rock climbing ago one day and I know a few of you are into that.

yes! i have clubs that are no doubt very dusty, keen for some el-cheapo publik stylez

Yeah bulimba par 3 or some Victoria park
Also want to go, go carting soon too.
Oh and grease fest this weekend

Yeah can definitely see you being a golfer dayne. I only have a driver cause if im mad enough to need to go golfing, I just wanna knock the shit outta things at the driving range and find putting alltogether frustrating… no fuking patience. Vicky park is only a five or ten minute walk for me though, so Im happy to hitup a session at the range any time

Noticed the other day coming back from the airport that there’s a cart place where at driver training joint used to be on KSD - havnt yet bin arsed to check pricing but location is more practical than most I spose.

I didnt put a board into the water last year, so add a surf to the list

Then there is music, as in playing, jamming…I know a while back there was a thread where we were comparing our frets …just saying…

The bulimba par 3 could be a goer, nice and relaxed venue.
I was getting into comp golf earlier in the year but have picked up my sticks in two months??

Shirts thats the cart place i saw last night, and driving range would be good for me to iron out some crinkles

I bought a driver off ebay years ago - it seriously says “the death stick” and has a skull n cross bones on it!! Is Rad, I’m not but I share Nate’s passion for crushing balls. Will climb anytime :slight_smile:

Never knew there was a par 3 at Bulimba! I used to play at the Oxley par 3 a couple of times a month. Defiantly going to check it out.

It’s hidden down the end of Quay street. There is also another at pacific golf course, little bit more of a challenge compared to bulimba. So you’ll need more than a pitching wedge…

Climbing can be fun, but I have got the upper body strength of a child. So its always a challenge.

How about clay pigeon shooting?

Funny you mention that Chris I love it and just got my gun lic so that’s on sat arvo’s
If any one is keen

You need a license? Theres not places that you can just go and pay for a session?

I also haven’t been fishing since I was a kid, I’d be interested in having another go.

Belmont shooting range?
They are uber lax on firearm safety, I turned up with a mate and was given a rifle, ammo and ear buds. Didn’t even ask if I knew how to operate a bolt action rifle. Range is that way, good luck.

Dont need the upper body strength. You need finesse - not to muscle yourself up. Go climbing with ladies - watch them keep up with the men and they don’t have as much upper body strength… I’m exactly the same with the upper body strenght of a child…

Also, about to go for my first hike in about 8 months. Heading up Mt Barney. If time permits, up Logans Ridge, then down Rocky Creek. Only got 7hrs to do it though. I am confident though that it can be done in this timeframe… Love hiking/scrambling/climbing. Hence the “outdoor” bit in the company name… :wink:

Also up for this. Although I always end up with sunburn… always.

Brisbane river fishing? Seen people do it before, can’t imagine it’s that good though. (Uneducated guess)

On topic of shooting, I shot a gun for the first time couple months ago and would be keen to go for a round, I’m pretty sure you don’t need a license for a range

And kangaroo point cliff climbing?

I’m keen for a spot of golf. And as for clubs I’m with shirts, if you need more than a driver you’re doing it wrong, just ask this guy:

Go. Karting.