So on my way home...

…a wave broke over the top of me by the Brighton sea wall. That was new.

ha! we better implement a tax soon or CC will be swimming.

Stand up paddleboarding!

toes on the nose CC!

Who needs a recumbent to get barreled?

or this maybe?

HTFU Captain Triathlon… :smiley:

Weather is pretty wild I agree

It wasn’t a complaint mate, just an observation :slight_smile:

Stand up paddleboards are the recumbents of a line up. Don’t get me started

No son, they are the fixies of the sea.

…AND when i got home there were muddy cat footprints on my new skatey :confused:. I shudder to think what goes on in that house when I’m not there.

That made my day

and this made my day!

Things like this

happened some years ago when I was on a work trip when we lived in WA

we have a winner!

Its not the paddle board thats the problem i have one have had a few its the kooks that ride them check out guys like Kainoa Mcgee or even my mate Keahi de aboitz the surf them better than most people surf there normal boards.
Goat boats are the recumbent of the line up.

Wasn’t Kainoa McGee a pro bodyboarder many years ago? Also, so true about goat boaters.

+a billion, hate the pricks. Closely followed by those stupid lifesaving boards, the ones where you can get on your knees and paddle with both arms at the same time. They both get a thousand waves and do nothing with them. Sharks are the car doors. I really hate sharks.

i still ride a bodyboard.

fight me.