So What Image Host Are You Using?

So now that Photobucket has fucked us all over, what image host are you using?

Although Photobucket was getting progressively shitter by the day, I did like that I could store images in libraries.

I heard about and signed up. First impressions are pretty good - simple interface with the ability to create galleries - test post below:

I need to explore it more, but it looks like a viable alternative to Photobucket. Now all I have to do is download all my images from Photobucket, upload them to postimages then adjust all my IMG tags…

…yeah, right.

I’ve always used for posting things on the forum. But it doesn’t have any other features.

does it have an app?

Imgur does albums, easy to link etc. etc.

imgur is my quick host. logged in if I want to find it again.

flickr if I want to tag/gallery properly, (so basically never now)

I use Flickr. For a while flickr pissed me off a bit, mainly when it became Yahoo sign in or whatever it was. I’m always signed in now so I don’t find it a bother. When copying links though, I delete the last two lines in the code to remove the tags and stuff.

Photobucket has been so shit for ages. It’s annoying researching stuff now and just seeing unviewable pics, but at least people will stop using it now.

Is that only for when using the web-based version Pete?

I downloaded the Flickr app after photobucket did it’s extortion thing, only to find that said app doesn’t give an (a?) URL for the uploaded image to use for IMG tags etc. or I missed something in the app…

Um. I don’t know. I guess I mostly use it on my computer, but I upload from my phone a fair bit

I always found Flickr a bit of a nightmare to use to post photos on forums trying to find the URL using the app, and the fact you’re limited to a number of photos hosted. I have just signed up for Imgur, and it seems okay, but it is a bit annoying that you can’t get the img URL using the app (that I can see).

I use flickr and as Pete points out it’s easy to post pics from it to the web but you can’t do it on the app on your phone. For whatever reason you can’t get the url of a pic on the phone app but you can on the website…

Test post from phone

I just switched over to imgur this morning. Has an app with mobile upload, which is all i really need for putting pictures on forums.

cheers just made an account, seems okay so far…

I’ve been using imgur for ages. I don’t really upload anything I need to find again (except instagram posts) so it’s fine for forum posts etc. Or just login and you can find all your things.

You can arrange all your imgur stuff in galleries and so forth if you have an account. I find it works pretty well, on the desktop at least.

I’ve been using Flickr since the demise of Photobucket.
The app works better, I can follow a few other people that post good photos and I can post to forums pretty easily from the computer.
I don’t forum while mobile.

This is No.1 reason I haven’t posted any pics on FOA in a long time. I’ve been using Flickr for ten years, and don’t really want to change, but these day I only ever access it via my phone. Pretty much never use a computer for bike stuff.

If anyone knows a simple way to get URLs for Flickr photos while using an Android browser, I’m all ears. I have three or four recent bike builds that I never got around to posting because I seriously can’t be bothered dragging out my laptop and sitting through the 30,000 windows updates it wants to do.

So apparently if you put ~original after the Photobucket URL and before the [/img] tag, the link still works…

…probably not for long though.

It’s pretty easy, hit the ‘share’ arrow in the bottom right hand corner, select BBcode then copy and paste that straight into a post here.

You can delete the link bits to keep it private-ish

20170908_134400 by MikeDnz, on Flickr


On that, if you have a static flickr URL and want to find the account/set it’s from, there’s a nice little trick that will reconstruct the photo page URL from the salt and hash in the static URL. (unless it’s private, then you can’t go there)

create a bookmark with this as the address:
javascript:if ((document.domain.indexOf(“”)!=-1)||(document.domain.indexOf(“”)!=-1)){var id = document.title.split("_");var url = “” + id[0];window.location = url;}else{alert(“Sorry, this is not a Flickr static image.”);}