Soccerroos robbed!

It’s nice to see that, in a world-level competition, FIFA uses umpires who know the rules… NOT!

yes, that win was certainly not a clean & fair victory.

FIFA should do something, that penalty call was absolute bollocks…

Our Aussie boys have been singled out (fair to say) over the course of the World Cup, and for what?

They had earned there place in the final 32 top football nations for the year!

I think one of the reasons could be the whole respect thing. These top teams the Italy’s, Brazil’s and England?s’ of the world have been up there for decades and have long earned the respect from the world on this almighty stage (TWC). Is it just that Australia is not consistent in it?s from and struggles to gain the respect of opposition sides? Do the refs’ feel this way?

Leave us alone were only little!!

My wife said the Spanish are assholes and given half a chance would kick the ref in the dick - I thought it was harsh for 6.30 in the morning but am coming around to it. If fact I am thinking of arranging sponsorship to have her flown over to Germany and to have the dick kicking shown on pay per view. Most of Australia would watch I am sure.


So you’ve been on the wrong end of one of those kickings before, I presume?

She has tried lordy!.. my only saving grace is that she wishes a second child after that well I dread to think.

I’d just like to take a moment to raise the flag for all the soccer haters out there. And now I’ll take it down before I get mobbed.

all ball sports suck :roll: Though if sucking balls is your thing, that is ok.

Spoke(n) like a true Auzzie.

Balls suck, or balls on chin

We all know what that spells!!

said it before, if the sport you are watching doesn’t involve 12 guys on a sheet of ice, beating the crap out of each other with sticks, all done at 30 MpH, why bother.

The bike shop Spoke(n)?

Who knows, really.