Social Ride + Ginger Beer - Sunday 13th

So, I was supposed to be going camping on Bribie Island this weekend and made a load of ginger beer in preperation. Due to the bushfires it is cancelled so I am left with around 12 litres of ginger beer on my hands.

I normally go on a cruisy river loop with a guy from work on a Sunday so I am thinking of combining the two. Loop and then back to mine at Greenslopes for ginger beer.

One of my New Years resolutions was to be more social so I thought I’d throw it open to everyone. Roadie / fixed / whatever. Even if you want to skip the ride and meet for the drinks thats cool.

There is plenty of space at mine to stash bikes.

Let me know if anyone is interested.

Nah… too far to travel for me…

im outa town this weekend :frowning:

Yep I’ll be keen, I feel like I have something on Sunday but right now I can’t remember so this must be it

So I remembered, market shop, so what time are you thinking???

7am Regatta Platform. Aren’t west end markets on Sat? Or you going somewhere else?

Boggo Rd markets.

^ are they any good?

^ I’d also be interested to know.

Had a bit of interest in the ride, would be good to get some new faces along.

They pass, not the most awesome but certainly don’t have the tourist factor that New Farm and West End have.

I’m keen for a Sunday roll, have my engagement party in the arvo so could use the exercise pre that…
What’s the plan?

Meet 7am Regatta platform. I’ll wear my Gear kit. River loop, then I’ll lead everyone back to mine. Sit in my garden and sink some ginger beer.

Had to drop the other half at work today so picked up a banana bread and date loaf from the market nearby. Fuck it’s hot.

Sorry dudes! Failed to set an alarm last night when I got home…