softride mountain bike

on ebay



Serious want

Those stems are cool, I prefer the early pro flex’s though.

was wondering how long it would take for that

Guy and Breeze were both big fans of Softride MTBs. They started as powerful road racers and teamed up on a very quick tandem before getting hooked up with early MTBs. That is a bike I’d like to ride (with flat bars).

Hopefully someone will buy this to jettison it off a cliff.


Otis Guy = Crap, Cinelli/F Moser/Bianchi MTB are KEWL/RAD/SICK COLOURZ, FOA’s opinion on retro MTB = still a bunch of skateboarders.

Never ridden one- were they any good?

Names don’t get much bigger than him in the story of the MTB.

I doubt that softride would be the best performing MTB that you can buy for the money, but then I dont think many retro MTBs would be. But the point is that Guy is a top shelf builder, and Softride had its place in MTB suspension at that time. That bike is at least a note-worthy example of a time in MTB history.

I should probably bite my tongue. Bikes on FOA are (perhaps rightly) considered only in the context of “Will it look cool on the street?” or maybe even more so “Will girls in my Year 11 Graphix class think I am rad because I ride it?”.

My opinion is based on the fact that all softrides look awful, it could be built by the finest artisans in the world and I would still hate it.

Just because it was built by someone notable doesn’t mean we should all like it. If someone procured the finest wool and gave it to a master knitter who then made a jumper with a massive cock incorporated into the design it doesn’t mean that it will appeal to everyone.

Anyway must dash, am late for Year 11 graphix.

Throw on Twin-Spinergy 26" Rev X’s and this is a massive win in my books.

Like you say, a bike must “look good” or you would hate it. For you, its a fashion accessory.

Regarding your jumper analogy, if that artisan is known for making jumpers that last forever, are comfortable and stay warm, then I, as someone who likes to stay warm and comfortable and not buy new jumpers every year, would buy it over one that you think looks good. You get to look cool, I get functional things. I get to wear my jumper and be laughed at by little kids, while people who are into warm and comfortable jumpers say “Hey, nice Dachstein Dick Special, man” and I’ve made a friend with a mutal interest ( jumpers…to be clear). You get to be cool with everyone else and wonder what people are really into, while buying jumpers as trends dictate. Importantly, one day the trend will be for dick jumpers that last, and you’ll then apologise to me.

The jumper analogy lacks the historical perspective, though. Helly Hansen might’ve mucked around with poly-pro knit for a while before he perfected it adn won a nobel prize, and while some of his early work might not be as functionally great as his newer stuff, its still nice stuff to have because its important, IF youre into poly-pro. If you’re not, you’ll buy kathamndu poly-pro in this years orange and grey or pastle blue and be cool (warm) at the snowboarding venues.