Soma double straps vs. BO Gear Step Ins?

I’ve been riding Soma double straps for a while and like the look of the BO Gear Step Ins. Would there be any advantage/disadvantage to making the switch? The Step Ins look like they could take more wear and tear.

I’ve never ridden any other strap before, and purchased the BO gear step ins yesterday. Have had a few quick rides with them, and they’re nice and snug and like you, I reckon they’ll take a fair bit of punishment. Still getting used to flipping my pedal over to get my foot in but I’m sure that comes with practise.

Not bad for 55 bones

i’ve ridin with both and it all comes down to personal prefrence,

bo’s are nice super adjustable and let you wear any shoe you want, as well as being ruthlessly tough,

running double staps and cages, is a little tighter fitting(good or bad you choose), and have a super classic look to them,

but at the end of the day its up to you,

Yeh hate that. I’m usually half way down the street before both my feet at into the straps.

Just set the back side of them a little loose and you’ll flip in like a pro.

How loose do the Strap Ons feel?

as loose or tight as you want. like alvern i have the back loose and the front tight enough so it positions my foot exactly where i want it on the pedal.

Just learn track stand. Problem solved