Soma Lucas Rack

Hey. Got a Soma Lucas rack.
The rack sits too high on my Polyvalent fork so the tang from the rack to the fork brake hole (name escapes me) doesn’t line up and can’t attach.

Do any of you have any suggestions?

Pic of rack/fork and dropouts?

FB_IMG_1566096765026 FB_IMG_1566096760458 FB_IMG_1566096768585

Try mounting it to the rearward dropout braze on (for guards) with a spacers to clear the fork leg.

What miki said. And sandwich your fender strut in there while you’re at it

Tried that. Still didn’t reach and also that’s where my fenders mount to.

Bend the tang.

Mount the guards to the upper braze-on.

Or buy a new rack.

Hmm I’ll Chuck it in a vice.and see what happens.


I just checked again. The amount of spacers required to push the struts out of the way of the fenders would be at least 10-15mm. I’d also prefer to have the strut snug up against the braze-on. I think it would be stronger.
I think maybe I’ll try and take it back upgrade it to a mid fork rack. Which is a bummer.

Or I sell it. Disappointed. It’s a nice looking rack. Perfect for my needs

Did you still have this and would you want to sell it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Long gone! Sorry dude.

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