Soma Porteur rack and eyelets

Anyone installed a Soma Porteur rack on a fork with eyelets (for a rack, not mudguard) and QR axle? From what I can see, there a few ways to do it…

  1. Discard the reverse fork ends and grind the struts to fit.

  1. Flip the included fork ends and use them to attach to the eyelets.

  1. ???


I’d happily grind it a bit too.

I would go with option 1 if the height suits - less parts to move/loosen and cleaner looking. Can be done with a small jewellery saw, file and a dremel.

Hey JLN do you have a bit of an update on this?

I’m thinking of adding a porteur rack to my commuter/townie - would need to secure it to the front hub axle as my fork does not have eyelets.

Don’t buy one until the new ones are in stock. The extra mounts to tie back to the fork blades are a big improvement.

Not yet. Picking up the frame this weekend.

Too late. Bought the rack a month ago. FWIW my fork doesn’t have eyelets there though.

I know dat, wasn’t posting to you. Autobarn has rubber lined p clamps for forks without mid or lowrider braze ons

What’s that tube type part on the NDS of the rack?
Is that stock or something that has been mounted to the eyelet on that side?

Light mount like them Paul Gino ones?

Looks like it. Would mount the light underneath. Only problem could be the light you put there doesn’t work upside down if it’s a shaped beam.

Any respectable dyno light can be hung from an eyelet with a bracket or comes in a hanging version.

Brake arms and post mount adaptors can be pressed into service if there’s no flat stock around

Yeah, it’s either a Gino mount (or the Origin8 copy). The eyelets on the rack are M5 threaded for stuff like that or for a rail that can be bought separately. I plan to put a light mount on my rack for the Knog I’m using until I upgrade the light.

edelux 2 comes in an upside down version

I know of that one, but it’s not an upside down version it’s just a light the mounts from the top :wink:

Isn’t the internals the other way around?

Yeah, and unfortunately I’m wrong and they call it the Upside Down version., Schmidt Edelux II Upside Down Polished with 140cm wire and switch, Part # SCH680001, Price: $ 225.00

Guys, do you rate cetma racks? The Pass and Stow rack looks good too and there is the option of having the rack mount on the front wheel axle which is what I need (but $$$ especially if ordering from the states).

The Soma rack can also mount to the front wheel axle easily. The reverse fork ends (for lack of better descriptive words), goes on the axle, then you bolt the wheel nuts on.

Keep in mind that Soma is considerably cheaper than the Pass & Stow rack, and more readily available than a Cetma.

Yep thanks JLN. Any of those available in Aus?

They should be. Not sure who gets Soma stuff in other states, but Treadly does in Adelaide. I got mine in Japan (because I could justify spending money on holidays). Not sure about the other two.

EDIT: SCV is the importer of Soma.