Soma sidewall rip

3mm rip in the sidewall of my everwear. plenty of rubber left ontop though so i want to save it.
whats the best way to make a tire patch/ is it still usable?
theres a little nipple of tube bursting out of the hole

i think the best you’ll do is place a tube patch over where the rip is, on the inside.

You can make a temporary sleeve by cutting a piece out of a plastic milk bottle (about the size of a ten cent piece) and placing it between the tube and the tyre. Make sure the edges are smooth.

Long term though, as the integrity of the tyre has been compromised, I would buy a new tyre.

i thought about a tube patch but im not sure whether it will continue to burst out.
yeah i already bought a new everwear. milk bottles a good idea, hope the edges wont pop the tube

Shame but definitely the safest option.

I sand the edges so they are smooth to minimise abraision. I take one along on a long ride and have used them to get me home without any trouble. Around 80 kms is the furthest I have gone with one in the tyre.

thanks so much man, saved me a tyre!

this is really common failure point for everwears. they did some work to reduce its occurrence but given the different thicknesses of rubber between the contact patch and sidewalls it seems they cant avoid it.

pity, as if they dont blowout ive found them to be a really good long-lasting tyre (until they ‘square out’).

a ‘boot’ is a good temporary solution for limping home (MTB’ers use them all the time). personally you are just prolonging the inevitable, id be looking at replacing the tyre soon. that rip isnt getting smaller and any tube blowout through a side wall isnt going to be easily repairable, costing you not only a new tyre but also a tube.