Some answers to just about any bike forum post I’ve ever read


But how do i do mad skidz on my brakeless singlespeed while drinking my soy latte?

Hey, shaved leg skinny as hell super duper tan line hear rate monitor checking power tap train in the basement all winter super loud lycra kit million dollar wheels racer – keep it up.


Anyway, I liked that. Makes me want another surly or 3.
Seriously, I could replace my avanti KISS with a karate Monkey, all the parts would go straight over…
And I could replace my fuji frame with a Pacer, all that shit would just go perfect on there.
And I’ve been wanting a fixed gear again, so maybe a steamroller?


Lock forum.

I didn’t see ‘buy a new bike’ in amongst them.

^ or plz use the search function.

Oh well shut the forum down then.

What a bunch of whiny jerks over at BNA
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They sound like they’d be a right laugh to have a beer with.

YouTube - ‪Crowded House - Distant Sun‬‏


Pretty funny how they start quoting UCI rules. It’s a fucking joke guys

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This guy’s worse than me

That place looks like a trolling paradise.
I might just join up.

what fucking douches.

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This is gold and ends brilliantly.


Awesome Ending!

I know that guy. He’s a spin class instructor, races road/track with my local club. Talks about diets a lot and trains hard. His world is not the world of irony, hipsters or aerospokes.

(It’s also quite possible that his comment “Only the believers can truly understand” was said without a shred of humour.)