Some guy racing dirt crits!!!!

Ha ha ha…jsut think of all these serious guys racing a MTB crit race, only to be passed by some guy on a fixed gear bike, with slick tyres hammering along in a huge gear…


That’s funny. I wonder who it was. Sounds like something trackc$#$t would do.

Nath - read the previous post on the thread: no surprises that it was Tristan!

(former poster on this forum and brakeless no-foot yarra-bend wonder…)

Aah… perhaps I should read instead of just skim.

Tristan is one crazy, fast, crazy dude. For more info, he came 3rd in solo class at the last KONA 24-hour…on his singlespeed, and against all with there fancy bouncy comfy bikes.

Tristan, I salute you.

Rhino, ill swap you your mum for my sisters…