Some interesting cross riding.

Some inspiration

Local trails ala cx on Vimeo

That hop up onto the log at 1.25 is pretty sweet!

Nicely edited together too. That guy has WAY more patience than I, to double back all the time for his camera.

What about his tendency to unclip his inside foot and have his leg hanging out when cornering, is that usual practice? I’d kind of understand if he was planting it on the ground but he seems to just hang it in the air…

Guys, if you liked that, you’d fucking LOVE it down at Forrest.


ben hanging the foot out helps with your center of gravity so you can cornr that little bit meaner

Thanks Gene. BTW i’m totes down for Forrest whenever anyone’s planning a trip down.

Was down at forrest on Sunday. Shit hawk was totally right about Marina’s #9. It was the sickest run. Did it on the SS 29r so had the joy of fatties and discs. The cx would have been epic but rad. Lets do do it again!

Dice has talked of a Forrest weekend I am up for it I would like to stay down there if anybody has some accommodation ideas.

fuck, looks like we need to load up Benzy’s CXual ute again…

Yup definately up for a day at Forrest. It would have to be a there and back in a day type thing for me. I’d be happy to drive and there’s room for three other riders + bikes in my wagon. Anyone’s welcome as long as they’re a happy to put in for petrol - you know the usual story…

EDIT: Would need to be at least one other rider with discs and small fat tyres tho.

Don’t feel inadequate with your 26 inches and 2 inches of travel.

Inadequite?! PFFFT. Nah man, No disrespect intended but I just want to ride with someone who can keep pace on the way down and can handle a little gnarly stuff.

I’mmmmm uppppp! If it’s forrest i’m bringing the bouncy bike, not the skinny tyres. Mariners Way with fat tyres and discs ftw.


I’m totally keen, can’t do the weekend of 25th Feb but other than that I would totally be down.