Some say....Apparently Fixies are the new Tattoos?????

I think I get it, it’s like, riding a bike with no freewheel is heaps like getting pictures of stuff stuck on you forever, cause like, one is a tattoo and one is a bike.

Lots of people who ride bikes have tattoos, and lots of people who have tattoos ride bikes.

Both are popular, therefore they are like each other. It’s simple.

Like black jeans are heaps like faces, because lots of people with faces have black jeans, and lots of people with black jeans have faces. Get it?

It’s so funny you should say that because I was just going to start a thread about it!


I agree, but when does cheese come into equasion?


whoa. I have a face and black jeans so are my black jeans like my face or is my face like my black jeans - and what if I gets a tattoo, will that enhance my face-ness? or should I cut my black jeans into shorts because I’m pretty sure cutting your jeans like that is the new trading access.

What’s the cheese’s opinon on this? who’d talking to the cheese?

First and foremost: The cheese.

Cheese is made from milk, and milk comes from animals, and animals are pretty sweet, and so are jeans. If you wish to read more on the matter, I’m pretty sure Foucault talks about it a lot in his second thesis.

Chaz - Your face will soon take on a cheese like texture, and have the apearance of black cheap swedish denim.

Ryan - Your finger is always on the cultural pulse. And I think you are adorable.

Don’t cry over spilt milk, unless it is on your black jeans.

I love this thread. We should continue this conversation whilst looking at the starts in a big open field.

have the delinquents escaped or do you have the day off?

Fuck the little bastards, they’re not my kids, why should I look after them? I just spent an hour on putting things I can’t afford in the checkout basket. Your tax $ hard at work :smiley:

Chaz - How’s that final project coming along?

if memory serves me well. My first encouter with milk was my mother and I belive she has worn a pair of black jeans. What a corelation: jeans are cool, milk is cool, mums are super cool, you guys thinking about my mum’s breasts not cool!

suprisingly well. I’ve finally found someone else’s project worthy of competely ripping off, yet unknown enough that nobody should notice. I am going to be a terrific architect.

gtg suicide?

My little boy’s growing up so fast!


your a face :expressionless:

HA, thats what ive been doing this afternoon.
thread of the week for shiz!

HA, thats what ive been doing this afternoon.
thread of the week for shiz!

tell me about it - thank you LOCOREN.

as a prize, you get free entry to Fix Up Look Sharp.

MY MOST HUMBLE APOLOGIES…Just got home to this…

The freak known as my cousin jacked my account and started this shit…
I’ve knocked him on the head and made sure it won’t happen again…
He’s never ridden a fixie before and I’ve threatened to tie him to a fixie with say a
46 / 18 ratio, remove the break and push him down the steepest hill in Melbourne.
Any suggestions?


You know, Chaz was just kidding about that whole ‘free entry’ thing.

danggggg… I’m gonna have to be more savvy about who has access to my computer.
When I’m more savvy do I get free entry???