Somec MTB

vintage Somec mtb frame !!! for Campagnolo Euclid no road bike | eBay


Calling erle forget the 29ner buy this.

now there is something you do not see everyday

I reckon it looks a bit more like a tourer or cross frame. The geo looks more road like than any other italian built mountain bike of that sort of era that I’ve seen. I’m no expert though and am probably wrong.

compared to:

Who cares. Max+paint+rare+somec=want


I’d prefer it if it was 700c :wink:

attaboy :wink:

Do it marty sell than dale track and buy it

More pics added to the listing AMAZING…

Do it Marty

Just doit. It looks the awesome.

Isn’t it Chromor OR?

You’re right it is.

That’s a bit of a downer. Still plenty shades of cool though.

OMG it’s not MAX OR… cancel bid cancel bid!!!

This gets sexier every day !!! So much drool factor.

Going to have a dig for sure. 8 days is plenty of time to gain funds

I think you should buy it, then sell it to me when you’re chasing another dream :wink:

This frame most probably has u brake mounts, perfect for my Euclid brakes!

What a shame, the seller pulled the auction.