Somec Roady.

91/92 Somec.
From what I can tell it was a team bike for the Radhaus Ritter team in Teritz, Austria. Radhaus Ritter is a mountain bike shop in Ternitz it seems, so probably sponsored something.

It’s 61st/59tt, Columbus Chromor.
10sp Record group throughout just about

It’s ace to ride, super responsive.

Really want to get fresh stickers for it, have tried getting hold of cyclomondo but no luck with a reply yet.

Awesome looking ride. The guy from Cyclomondo pretty much won’t respond to any emails/messages he gets.

Nice build,
Yeah I must have messages him 5 times with no response.
I bought some Columbus decals and had a reply in an hour, so I added a message in my eBay transaction and he replied to that.

I’ve tried multiple times with no success.

yeah, i’m not holding my breathe that’s for sure.

thats a very nice build man. good work.

That’s weird cause i’ve had nothing but good service from Greg…

Greg is always very good to me also.

just buy em.
Somec complete set of decals vintage | eBay

^what the fuck?!
i’ve looked everywhere for the pixel ones, including his ebay multiple times, and never been able to find them. even have a somec reminder set.

thanks a bunch man.

Great bike - love the paint.

looks rad, bring it back to melb so i can ride it

This is rad. I love Somec paint.

So so nice! Great work Jimmy.

Jimmy getting all the big bikes, haven’t seen too many large Somecs around. How’s the Cromor?

I love it, but have nothing to really compare it to.
Only ridden 531 on a cx bike otherwise. This is heaps more responsive but that’s as much to fit I imagine.

Also Greg/Cyclomondo is a dude. Got some decals on the way (and a second set for my second Somec…)

this thing looks sweet! will have to take it for a test if you bring it back with you.