Somec Scam??

Listed here in NSW
Somec Super Air 2001 | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Liverpool Area - Liverpool

and here in London!!
Somec Super Air 2001 Crono Strada Italy 48022 Lo Pro steel TT bike Aerospoke | eBay


This happens all the time, I must of seen the same trick pulled 20 times in the last couple of years.
They just copy a listing from Os and then list it here.

₪₪₪₪s hey. I emailed him/her: Whats the go mate? This is listed on ebay in London? Every bike forum is talking you up as the laughing stock of the scamming world! Thought you should know :wink:

So what is the actual point of it. If you ask for a test ride they don’t have it. They offer something else, bash you forthe money, or they are hoping for a direct debit and ship deal?

Yeah they say I’m on an oil rig working but pay me and ill have a mate ship it.

You could offer to pay in sperm … but since they’re on an oil rig I’m sure they’ve got more than their fair share already.