somecs ahoy

Somec Frame and Fork Vintage Italian Road Bike Campagnolo Record | eBay

Vintage Somec Bike Frame Retro Columbus MS Steel RARE Colnago Master | eBay

both pretty meh… not enough insane paint or original forks.

not the craziest examples, but nice enough. and reasonable postage, so depending on final price could be good buying.

my preference would be the earlier example.

I love me a good somec.

The earlier one (green) is awesome imo … except the chainstay marks/wear.

The later one is very nice and out of multishape tubing,
Pity the fork is not the original Air one.

Another “Somec”.

Vintage Somec frame & fork, frameset - Columbus SL / Air + Pantographs + Cinelli | eBay

Very nice. Imagine if he’d taken a decent side-on photo.