Something for the hard rubbish collection fans

What. The. Fuck?

I can only hope this is an April Fool’s joke come early.

Vacuum sucks hard rubbish fan into legal trouble

nope. ridiculous as it sounds, it’s illegal to take hard rubbish.

fucken overzealous pigs hyped up on coffee and sugary donuts.

You also get these idiots that raid your nature strip at all hours of the night, leaving a mess for you to clean up in the morning.


Vacuum-cleaner man won’t be charged

In a statement, Yarra Ranges deputy mayor Len Cox contradicted the police position.

“Any items placed out for hard waste collection remain the property of the resident until collected by the contractor,” he said.

At a press conference this afternoon, Superintendent Jeff Forti said “it was a fallacy” that councils owned property put out on nature strips for hard rubbish.

as he shouldn’t be. going hard on people collecting stuff that other people are already throwing out? i’ve got a perfectly good washing machine from hard rubbish, and i’m sure most people here have at least one hard rubbish bike

yep, picked up a ladies step thru w/ 3sp internal hub the other nite. yet to see if it’s worth salvaging though, may be back on the nature strip in another 6 months

On an interesting note, the man was taken into custody related to acting suspiciously in front of some ones house around midnight, and he evaded the police when he first saw them. When he was found, he had a car full of shit, so they took him for questioning relating to his suspicious actions, not for taking stuff from hard rubbish.
Media spin, anyone?

If everyone actually understood how the whole hard rubbish thing worked they’d understand why it is illegal to take all the good shit,

if everyone takes everything of value before the collectors come around they will not be able to make any money off the “rubbish” and will be completely wasting their time. the collectors are sub hired by the council and make their wages reselling and recycling

edit: since when is some old dude stealing a fucking vacuum cleaner news!