Sonic Boom (ADL)

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Until Rolly’s thread I’d never heard of these, and then lo and behold one shows up on the bays.

Look nice, but that fork is a little naff to my Eye, redolent of the early giant ally bikes and visps.
Will be watching with interest though.

there was a black & blue frame in coburg recently that sold for $300 with only 1 bid.

seems this seller doesn’t know much about it either.

I don’t really think they’re particularly high end, but can’t go wrong with Reynolds. I’ll be watching too.

ps - mine’s better :wink:

Im sure they are great frames, but who ever did the paint and decals on those things deserves to be kicked in the nuts. So boring, so ugly.

so TRUE, get some new forks rolly


went for $295.


Hell yeah.