Soren Son

Well here it is in all its goodness, my shiny new bicycle
Also im hoping to win the award for smallest head tube

Just hanging around.

Bought the frame off andy, and then slowly bought parts as my bank balance allowed

Soren Son in just my size
Halo/mavic wheels (impressed with the hubs so far)
Miche cranks
Ritchey pedals
Nitto bars/Stem
Dura ace headset
Dura ace chainring

Lockrings are on the way, and sussing out a keirin brake to please the man

Love it! Saw this on the fyxo site ages ago, white fork matches much better then that black one it was advertised with.

Fantastique…could the seat be angled down a bit at the front or is it just the photo?

Ha! The clearance under the crown is brutal! :smiley:

I think I win…

What size frame is it?

drats, i think its a 50 seat tube and 52.5 ish top tube

That’s ok, your bike is much nicer than mine. And a few cm bigger. The small head tube and cutting down a stem wasn’t without complication either.

very nice soren-son … there someone on here with a pink soren-son SS


The paint on this is sexy as.

Very nice .