Sorry I'm an IDIOT!!

Sorry, I accidentally deleted the topic on identifying a Hoffy. I’m an idiot, plus I combined n+1 beers and forum moderation. Will try not to do it again. Hopefully this awesome
thinking man’s vagina will make up for it:



dude, that is completely random. not the bit about the topic, but ‘thinking mans vagina’ ? you have a collarbone fetish? that’s awesome. i’ve never heard of such a thing. i think you confused the n+1beer with n+n^2 or worse. drink on, i want a scapula fetish or something!

Identifying a Hoffy.

It most likely has Hoffy stamped in the BB. Both mine do.

that ain’t the boys only fetish…what is with all the photos of these female skier/shooters that he keeps posting…

haha well… “thinking man’s vagina” is something JP said the other day. Scapulas are good too :slight_smile: What about a female Scapin?

So ndf…you like this…

My Van Werkhoven has Hoffy stamped into the BB shell.


My Van Werkhoven has Hoffy stamped into the BB shell.


Probably been repainted. Built by B Hendreson.

damn rhino, is she seeing anyone?
send her my email, cell phone, home number, anything you got…

She is seeing NDF, I think her name is either Sarah or Wendy…

What through her sights???




What through her sights???



Why you ask…she says something about ‘bumpy goodness’…not sure what that means :shock: