Unsure as to why the forum just went down - possibly not connected - but, I was on the the phone with Rolly, and then he tried to MMS me a picture of a cat he saw in Fort Bragg halfway through the conversation. Anyway, I have a feeling the secure sockets layer intercepted a bad packet on the datagram network, essentially resulting in a faulty handshake, leaving us all in the lurch.

I couldn’t be totally sure without deeper inspection, but I’m almost 100% positive the end result was a bad trip on the blue cable which is connected to the primary public facing Brocade switch - this goes directly into the FOA community mainframe.

Anyway, I think it’s working again.

Fucking Rolly. Seriously.

tl;dr rolly.

Cut that guy loose, he’s nothing but trouble.

I made a quick phone call to Customs. We won’t see him again for a while.

Rolly can do no wrong in my eyes. He’s like a Jesus … but ginger.

Can we see the picture of the cat?


ezy wins FOA for the last 48hrs.

fkn turkeys…

know someone who is reasonably high up there, can legit get this sorted:p

i know plenty of people i’d rather expelled than rolly though

Who said anything about expelled?

Just a quick cavity search ought to do it.