Source for 28-451 Tyres

Anyone know where I can get 28-451 (20" 451 x 1 1/8") tyres in Melbourne (or order from somewhere in Australia). I am having a terrible time tracking any down and pretty much every LBS staff member I ask stares at me blankly and says they think they can order them in.

They are apparently common on recumbents so there must be somewhere to get them, I need some for my Mini Velo. Tubes I can probably order from OS but shipping tyres will be pretty costly.

EDIT: Just realised this is probably the wrong board, I see its Meets/Melbourne. If there is a way to move my post perhaps mod can let me know.

Velogear has a whole bunch of 20" tyres, a quick look and the maxis torch come in a 20"x1 1/8"

Velogear have been known to mess up orders though

Thanks. Actually I have an enquiry in with them to find out if these:

Are the 451 or 406 model since they unfortunately don’t list model numbers or UPC. The 406 model would be no good to me unfortunately. They said they would have to check with the dealer but never got bak to me, I just pinged them again, hopefully that might wake them up.

Most of their 20" tyres are 406 models from what I can see, painfully they just don’t have accurate details for any of them.

Looks like both the schwable and maxis 1 1/8" are 451

Actually you’re right, the 406 model Durano is 1.10, thanks for spotting, now let’s hope I don’t experience one of their order mess ups you refer to :slight_smile:

Greenspeed have 28-451 Duranos. Shame they don’t have Scorchers cos they’re banger and would be sick on a mini-velo.

Cool, that’s a couple of good sources, thanks. They are on sale at Velogear at the moment so I will try my hand there but good to have a couple of places to get tyres, particularly since my Mini Velo is fixed.

Just need to hunt down some tubes now. I thought that would be the easy bit but proving a bit of a challenge to get presta valves long enough, not 100% sure how long the existing ones are but the pump only just fits.

Valve extender eh.

Of course! Where is the face palm emoticon.

Update, Velogear actually emailed me to double check the size (451) before shipping the order then gave me a $10 credit for the delay, so I can’t fault them on this occasion. Got a couple of Duranos for now, will see how they go when I wear down the current ones.

For next time Velo Cycles in Carlton North often have the tyres in stock and will almost always have the tubes in stock.