Source of 27x 1" Tires

Anyone know a source for 27x1" clinchers? I’m currently slugging around on 27x1/4 Panaracers on 19.5mm rims after running my 700c track bike (23mm tires) while my commuter was out of action, and am wanting to reduce the weight to get some response back! I know I can get 27x1/8" Schwalbes at Abbotsford Cycles, but 1" would be grand.

Harris Cyclery … but personally I would dump the 27" rims as the options for tyres are pretty low.

I’ve got some nominally 27x 1 1/4 bontragers that measure 26mm on rims of similar width to yours (panaracers measure ~30~31mm on the same rims)
happy to swap for your panaracers if you want

The bike doesn’t look the same with 700C wheels, and If I can get tires then I’m happy.

@DaFROG I’ll PM you. Cheers!