sourcing gold/anodised parts

im currently building a black bamboo bike and i would love to kit it out with all gold components. i have a gold crank and chain ring and i can get the gold chain quite easily. what i need is a stem, front brake (and maybe lever) and head set. price isnt really an issue, but i dont really want to spend over 150 for each part. and international is fine.
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There’s also a gold lever here

Gold headsets: chris king, hatta

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed, is that every bike I’ve seen built trying to use all gold parts always looks off because none of the gold ever matches.

what i really want are cross levers in gold if possible and my head stem is like those on mountain bikes.

also, is there a shop where you can get all your anodised stuffs? there is a guy in melbourne who has a very nice white and gold bike who i met one night and he said that he got his parts from california. any idea where?

Most likely eBay seller LADrif, but they don’t seem to be doing much anymore. I’m going to guess that this is the white/gold bike PM him and find out.

I have a mate in Philadelphia who can source parts if you’re interested… gold nitto B123s or risers and stems.

That doesn’t add much information. Quill or clamp on?

Just search for Gold in eBay there’s only 682 hits of everything you asked for.

sorry, clamp on.

go to a plating shop and get your components anodized?

also i live in broome, so i dont have such pleasures.

Personally, gold parts look silly.
Why not just get some good quality SILVER parts?
The irony about most of those gold parts is that they’re junk quality- use silver parts and at least you’ll be able to get some good quality Sugino/Nitto/Dura Ace etc

IMO :expressionless:

there is so much wrong with this post that i don’t know where to start. so i’m not going to.

ok, just in case you have a reasonable post in you somewhere inside your jerk skeleton, i will clarify my post and my decisions which you have deemed “wrong”.
first point of possible "wrong"ness: my bamboo frame. i have been building bicycles since i was a kid and currently have 3 fully built bikes (one tourer, one fixed and one SS) in my current location (broome) and countless more community bikes rotating around the brunswick/fitzroy area in melbourne. after 8 years of building bikes from other peoples parts and being bored of what i saw in the bike world i have decided to start framebuilding. as i dont have any welding skills outside of soldering and an avid fan of all things alternative and home made it doesnt really leave me many options material wise. it would also look cool and give me experience to build my new frame (frame based on the traditional indian tear design often used in henna).
second point: gold components.
as i have complete control over this bike i chose a black bamboo, and as anyone with any minute artistic or creative eye will agree that gold and black are very nice contrasting colours. and after seeing that white and gold fixie in melbourne, and talked to him about it, found out that you can in fact get gold pieces. but at the end of the day it is a personal preference.
point 3: the brake.
ive noticed a bit of hate around these forums towards people who ride with front brakes, personaly i have been riding single speed for my entire cycling life (starting with BMX and 4 years ago my first SS road conversion) only ever owning one geared bike (my tourer, 7sp). and i have tried to go brakeless on my fixie but i am not really a big fan of brakeless. i can skid reasonably well and know how to stop quite fast (skidless) but at the end of the day, if you combine the 2 your brake speed is brilliant. after an extremely close call involving a tram and horse carriage which would have been prevented with a brake on the front, i attached my brake. also, if i go brakeless on my bamboo bike im not too sure how the bamboo would hold up to constant skidding at this stage, so i would like not to destroy my bike right away.
point 4: the price.
i would love the joys of an infinite pocket. but alas, i am no millionaire. and i personaly think that 150 each part would get me reasonable quality, by no means great, but pretty good.

i hope i have cleared things up for you and that you are not annoyed by my "wrong"ness anymore, but annoyed by my clear attack back at you.

TL;DR: stop being a jerk.

no one said anything about brakes vs brakeless.

i’ve never felt so superfluous.

this new user seems to be able to argue with himself just fine.

"The citizen’s job is to be rude - to pierce the comfort of professional intercourse by boorish expressions of doubt”
-john ralston saul.

^^^^ Remember that there are 10 other posts up there where people are trying to help you, so here are a few hints.

  • People are going to express their subjective opinions about anything and
    everything you post. Welcome to the interwebz.

  • Don’t get in a pissing contest about how many bikes you have. You won’t win
    that one.

  • Riding a bike my whole life blah, blah, yeah we’re on a bike forum. We all ride a

  • The forum is not against brakes, in fact I’d guess that more people on here ride
    with a brake than without.

  • For $150 per part you can get the best components easily… I don’t think anyone
    was having a go at your price point. I got black nitto B123s for almost half that,
    and a CK headset won’t set you back that much either.

  • Gold and black can look awesome… one of my bikes is this combo and I think it
    looks pretty hot. hjb1000 said IMO, which means ‘in my opinion’.

  • Your best response would be to ask xbrendanx to explain himself and then
    watch him flounder.

  • When I was in Broome I found it to be quite relaxing. What happened?

Touche: hope you weren’t put out by my inclusion of you in that response. Take it easy on the poor bloke, he had to move all the way to Broome to get away from Melbourne’s cynics.

xbrendanx i don’t think you win in boring the shit out of people in this thread, just read this newbies 5th post woah :-o i’ve quickly found out he loves a good ol’ skid, has great experience in the bike building world and as mentioned above is trying to brag about his bikes.