South West WA

Does anyone ride or want to come down and ride some margaret river hills, busselton beach front or anywhere else down south.

I live down south, and there’s nobody into riding fixed.

im keen to ride, hang, polo, anything.

Hit me up.


I live in Bunbury (but I’m moving to Perth soon), where do you live?

Im going down to Busselton this weekend (well Thursday coming) and if your still keen, call me on 0432775993. I shall be taking my bike. Cheers,

You prob need to PM neverestablished I don’t think he checks fixed very often.

I just got my first one after deciding that my BMC supertrail was only for out the bush.
Anyone still getting about down south that wants to go for ride?

I’m often down south. For work. But never take my bike lol maybe I’ll start.

Great part of the world, I’ve done a bit of riding down there before - but never on a fixie. Maybe I’ll take it next time

Just been down on holiday in Busso and stayed at one of the resorts for the week with family. Took my fixie and rode along coast up to town to that cafe/cycling place ‘the fat duck’. Great bike shop and great food!
Going back in November and yep, taking me fixie.

Anyone interested in a fixie ride around Freo way soon ( weather permitting?) currently doing it solo.

Look up bike jam on Facebook dude, we alwaysto city-freo rides and back

very great!!!